Week of Jan 5, 2020

Dear Sisters, Brothers and Children in Christ Jesus,

I wish you A Great feast of Epiphany to all, the star of Humanity which

led the wise men may lead us to the life of equality, communion and


In the gospel we have three groups: first, Herod who rejected

vehemently the birth of Messiah, child Jesus, it was a threat for his

power and authority. Second, chief priests and scribes who

fundamentally opposed the birth of Jesus as their expectation of

Messiah would be different. Finally, Magi or wise men who

accepted journeyed and worshiped with symbolical gifts.

The gifts signify Jesus as king, as priest and as prophet for all. In Luke

the angels announced, proclaimed and revealed the good news to

shepherds but here in Matthew, it was star which revealed messiah to

the wise men. But the message is clear, in the midst of division,

opposition and rejection it was the ordinary shepherds and the

strange, non-Jewish wise men believed and accepted the good news

joyfully and privileged to visit and worship Him. They become

partakers and sharers in Jesus community of one kingdom.

The wise men did not know where the star would lead them.  They just

followed it until it brought them to Bethlehem – and to Jesus.  They

never, I am sure, regretted their decision.  If we can only have the

courage and the trust to follow their example, I doubt if we will have

regrets either.  If we have not already done so, today is the day to make

that start.

COLLECTIONS: Sunday, December 29 th , 2019 – ICC - $753.00.

St. Margaret’s Bulletin

Thank you to those who donated poinsettias.  We appreciate

the donation in memory of Stanley Dostal.

Yah!! Our parish just received $5000 from a grant through the

Catholic Extension Society for the year 2019.  The Diocese

helped us apply for the grant money to aid in supporting our

pastor. This money will go toward the monthly fee we pay for Fr.

Mohan.  This contribution to our parish funds is a big boost. We

are to receive another $5000 in 2020 from the Catholic Extension


Reflection by Trish—Be a candle in 2020

Fr. Mohan inspired this reflection through the words of his homily

on New Years Day.   

In this New Year we are called to be the light in the darkness.  If

we are each mindful to be a light, choosing God’s love and avoid

choosing fear, during this coming year we will experience a

difference in our spirituality.  Choosing fear focuses on what is

wrong and increases anxiety and looking on impending doom.

Suffering and misery increase with fear and the feeling of being

overwhelmed can envelop us.  

If we chose to reflect the light of Christ in each encounter, we are

like a candle in front of a mirror.  When the electricity goes out I

like to place candles near mirrors as the light reflected increases

the power of the candle.  The darkness in the corners becomes


If we focus on God’s love and being a light we find more hope and

love.  We can find the power and strength that comes from God,

and therefore not focus on our perceived lack.  We gain

understanding and wisdom. By calling on the Spirit of God within

us we are able to shine a light wherever we may be.  Our light

strengthens each time we let it shine.

Here are a few quotes to express the above idea:

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and

the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never

decreases by being shared.


We are not here to curse the darkness, but to light the candle that

can guide us through the darkness to a safe and sane future. 

~John F. Kennedy

How far that little candle throws it beams!  So shines a good deed

in a naughty world. ~William Shakespeare

Sometimes we are not sure how to show our light.  We may doubt

the best way to present our candle. We are not asked to be

flamboyant or loud.  We are called to just be a presence of peace

and love in each encounter and every situation. I think the

following quote can get us through many situations.  

I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have

one. So I got a cake. ~ Mitch Hedberg