Week of June 23, 2019

The Sacrament and the Sacrifice: 

Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist during the Last Supper as a Sacramental

banquet and a sacrificial offering.  As a Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist is an

outward sign in and through which we meet Jesus who shares his life of

grace with us. “In the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist the Body and

Blood, together with the soul and Divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ and,

therefore, the whole Christ is truly, really, and substantially contained".

In this Sacrament of the Eucharist, we do meet Jesus, the Risen Lord who

comes to us under signs of Bread and Wine to nourish and strengthen us for

our journey through life.  The Eucharistic Meal is a great mystery because

during the Eucharistic celebration the substance of bread and wine are

converted into the substance of the risen Jesus' Body and Blood, while their

appearances remain.  

We believe in this transformation of bread and wine (called

Transubstantiation), because Jesus unequivocally taught it and authorized

his apostles to repeat it.  As a Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist imparts to us

Jesus’ abiding presence in our souls.  In addition, we share in his Divine life,

which is an assurance of eternal life and the basis for the conviction that we

are children of God the Father.  God shares His life with Jesus and with all

other people. 

The Eucharist is the Sacrament of our union with Jesus.  In this Sacrament,

Jesus gives us his own Body, broken for us on the cross and his precious

Blood poured out for us, in order that our sins may be forgiven.  The

Eucharistic celebration is also a sacrifice because it is the re-presentation or

re-living in an unbloody manner of Christ’s Death on Good Friday and of his

Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  

By means of signs, symbols and prayers, we share in Christ’s passion, death

and Resurrection made really present for us in an unbloody manner.  This

re-presenting, this re-living of the One Sacrifice of Christ, which is the heart

and point of every Mass, assures us of Jesus’ love for us and of his

forgiveness of our sins.  Through this sacrifice, the risen Jesus becomes

present on the altar, offering himself to the Father through the ministry of

the priest.

Bishop Warfel asks that the attached flyer be included in upcoming

bulletins along with the following announcement:

 “A two day workshop on Inner-Healing and  Deliverance will be offered on

July 8 th  and 9 th  in Great Falls at the Poor Clares Monastery, 3020 18 th  Ave

South. It will be introduced by Bishop Michael W. Warfel along with Fr.

Doug Krings and the St. Benedict Prayer Team. Special presenters will be

Missionary Nick Villalobos who will offer a workshop on Inner-healing and

Moira M. Noona, OSB who will offer a workshop on Discernment. Jack and

Jan Reagor will offer a workshop on house blessings.

To register, go to: www.aliveinjesusministry.com. Cost of the workshop is

$90.00 and does not include housing or meals.

COLLECTIONS: Sunday, June 17 th , 2019 – ICC - $779.00

Reflection from Trish – Laughter is from God

This past week I had several opportunities to gather with friends. The time

was spent visiting and laughing. The wonderful kind of laughter that comes

from some place deep inside and fills every cell of your being as you let it

out. Have you wondered why your body shakes when you laugh hard? It

is due to your whole body laughing. I don’t think it is possible to have a big

laugh just with your mouth. You can smile, or chuckle perhaps without

engaging your body, but you cannot really laugh with out affecting the

whole physical body.

The Mayo Clinic has released information on the health benefits of

laughter. Laughter is a great form of stress relief. It truly induces physical

changes in you body. Organs are stimulated-heart, lungs, and muscles, as

it enhances your intake of oxygen rich air and increases the endorphins

(the feel good chemical in your brain).

Laughter relieves your stress response by creating a relaxed feeling.

Laughter can stimulate circulation, aid muscle relaxation, improve our

immune system, and can ease pain by causing the body to produce its own

natural painkillers.

I am sure you are aware that laughter improves your mood. I have notices

laughter helps build friendships. Several years ago I began a new job. I

visited with my co-workers trying to get to know them. It was when we

shared laughter that we moved past the polite conversation and grew into a

deeper friendship, we now share something together. Through laughter we

made a connection.

I don’t know why some people think God is to always be thought of with

characteristics that are serious, straight forward, no nonsense. God

created humans to dance, sing, laugh, hug, and love. These are

characteristics that build relationship. Jesus tells us we are to spend our

lives engaging in community with others. No one wants to be part of a

community that takes everything seriously. We were created with the

ability to laugh at ourselves, laugh at the quirkiness of nature and the 

events that present themselves to us.

When I talk about laughter I am not talking about sarcasm or laughing at

the expense of others. I am talking about laughter that everyone can enjoy.

When we laugh with our whole being along with someone, it does not just

affect our physical body, but it touches the core of another. Have you

notices when a small child is with adults and they all laugh, frequently the

child will laugh also. They may not have any idea what is funny, but if

everyone is laughing they join in. It is fun to laugh.

We were created to celebrate life, and to celebrate with others. I believe

God wants us to take every opportunity we can find to laugh, to heal our

body, to affect others and to build positive relationships. Laughter is the

best free medicine for our physical bodies, it is also a very important

spiritual practice that helps us build relationships and heal others