Week of April 7, 2019


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Children in Christ!

Jesus can be called the Sacrament of God among us. When Jesus acts, a human being like ourselves is acting and speaking but it is also our God acting and speaking. So, in reading today’s Gospel, when we see Jesus with the sinful woman, we are also seeing God.

We might say there are two kinds of sinners in today’s Gospel passage. First, there is the woman who was caught in the act of adultery, a very serious matter. the Scribes and Pharisees are also sinners. Not in their own eyes, of course, but in the eyes of Jesus and his Gospel they are totally lacking in the compassion that God displays and which he expects his followers to have: “Be merciful as your Father in heaven is merciful.” The Pharisees and the Scribes are proud and arrogant, they give themselves the prerogative to sit in judgment on others. They have no idea how to love, how to forgive – only how to keep the Law. They are thus far from God. They do not love the people that God loves.

But, before we ourselves sit in judgment on them, we might sincerely ask how many of us would have acted differently than they did in this particular case? How would many of us react if we discovered a spouse, a son or daughter, not to mention a stranger or public figure, in an adulterous relationship? 

This is the first teaching of today’s Gospel: only one without sin can sit in judgment on another person. In today’s story, Jesus saw a lonely, frightened woman, manipulated by cruel, self-righteous men for their own sinister ends. He saw the potential for change and he accepted her totally.

We will find a great deal of happiness and peace in our lives if, on the one hand, we can really grasp the attitude of God to the sinner, and if, on the other, we can make that attitude our own in our relationship with others.

COLLECTIONS:  Sunday, March 31st, 2019 – ICC - $701.00


Additional ministers are needed for the upcoming celebrations.  Sign-up sheets are available in the rear of the church.  Please take a moment and choose one or more ministries to help fill the need.  All ministers are appreciated and help make our Liturgical celebrations special.

MASS INTENTIONS:  Do you have a family member or friend, living or deceased, for whom you would like the parish community to pray.  Ask      Fr. Mo to say a Mass for their intention.  This is a beautiful way to pray for someone or remember a loved one.  Contact Fr. Mo or drop your intention in the Offertory basket at church.

St. Margaret’s Bulletin

Sunday, April 14 -- Cookies for our college students and individuals in the military will be boxed up following 11:00 am Mass.  Please bring your cookies bagged with 3 or 4 cookies per bag.  We will be preparing about 16 boxes.   Small boxes and packing material are needed.

Sunday, April 14 – Seder Meal following boxing up cookies.  Please notify Trish Eklund if you plan on attending.  Trish will assign each family a dish to bring for the meal.

Our sympathy goes out to the Tobiason family.  Dennis Tobiason, husband of Helen Dostal, passed away this past week.  Services will be in Kalispell at Risen Christ Church.    Vigil Friday, April 12 and the Funeral Mass Saturday, April 13.  Burial will take place in Geraldine sometime this summer.  May Dennis rejoice in the embrace of Jesus.

If you wish to send a card Helen’s address is:

Helen Tobiason,  116 Treweek Drive,   Kalispell, MT  59901

Reflection by Trish – Harmony follows the Melody

Sometimes when we sing a well-known song we may try to sing the harmony as well as the melody.  When I sing songs from the Mama’s and Papa’s I can’t help but sing the harmony that echoes the words of the melody.  This harmony completes the song.  It gives the song more dimension and depth. 

Our lives are similar to a musical composition.  I will explain how.

1John 4:7 Love is from God, and whoever loves knows God.  God is a Mystery of Love.  Getting to know God is an ongoing process for all of us.  We should give God the lead part in our lives.  If we recognize the role this Great Love has in our lives, we can begin to find the role we are to fill as we accompany God on our life journey following Jesus’ example.  We can think of God as the melody, the basic rhythm to our lives.  God is the music that carries everything; all of creation can join in as harmony.  When we harmonize with God by imitating Jesus, those around us experience the Love of God. 

1 John 4:12—No one has ever seen God, if we love one another, God abides in us and God’s love is perfected in us.  When we show love and concern for others God’s love shines through.   It is not easy to live in Love.  Our life journey is about continually trying to get a better grasp on how to increase the Love in us.

We are called to love God whole-heartedly, with our whole being.  We are to love others.  To do this it is important to recognize that each of us flawed.  In this human life we are incomplete with faults and failings.  By accepting the fact that we are imperfect and in need of help from our loving God, we can see the path that we are called to follow.  We can find where the harmony fits in with the melody much easier.

Knowing that God forgives each of us over and over and over and never stops loving us, calls us to join in that song by forgiving others.  We are to show mercy and kindness as God gives so mercy so freely.  I am not to judge others.  Many people have different ideas, look at life from a different perspective, or make choices that don’t make any sense to us.  We don’t know what challenges or ordeals they have had to deal with.  Everyone’s journey is different.  We are all formed from our experiences.  What may be right for me may not make sense to someone else.  It is important to be open and show care and concern.  When Jesus ate with sinners, it was because of Jesus’ concern and showing the mercy and love of God, that prompted individuals to begin to change.

When we recognize that God created everything and everyone from love, that God loves everyone we meet, it is a bit easier for us to find something to love in that person.  If our focus in on That Love that has a sustaining rhythm that never ceases, that will continue to lead at all times and in all circumstances, then we can find the strength to daily practice loving others.  We can follow the lead singer, God, and provide the harmony, so those around us can experience God.


In moments of challenge and decision, attune my heart to the whisperings of your melody.

When my day is difficult, surprise me with new possibilities, as there are many ways to harmonize.

When life is over whelming, call me to the song the restores harmony.