Minutes Pastoral Council Meeting

March 12, 2019

The Parish Council Meeting of the Immaculate Conception Parish was called to

order by Ken Engellant.

Members not present were Mary Davison, Jack Wright and Diana O’Hara.

Father Mohan led the group in prayer.

Committee Reports:

Finance Report - It was reported by Kevin Kittredge that the checking account

balance is at $5890.34. The current savings account balance was at $17,935.86. It

was discussed that the phone in the church basement had a monthly bill close to

$60 and that it was rarely, if ever used. A motion was made and passed to

eliminate the phone in the church basement kitchen.

Maintenance Report – It was discussed that the front door to the church need

fixed. Jake Botts will work on making the needed repairs.

Liturgy Report – There was no report at this time.

Religious Education Report – Debbie Kittredge reported that since the Stations of

the Cross will be on Wednesdays through the Lenten season, that we will have

the Youth Group meet at 5:30 for Stations of the Cross followed by a soup supper

and a short class. Debbie also reported that she would be completing the Safe

Environment Training for the youth that is required by the Diocese in the next

couple of weeks. Debbie will present a power point message on cyberbullying to

the junior high and high school and a presentation on safe spaces to the grade

school youth.

Christian Social Service Report – There was no report at this time.

Old Business:

Ken reported that he had spoken with Mike O’Conner and that Mike would like to

receive communion and would also enjoy a visit from Father Mohan.

New Business:

Ken Engellant reported that he had a received a packet on summer rates from

Leisure Lawn regarding lawn maintenance. All options including sprinkler

maintenance and fertilization were discussed. It was determined that the best

solution would be to choose the basic package and that fertilization could be

done on our own.

Father Mohan reported that Cecilia Dostal and Jonna Bogart had done some fine

work on the parish website and that it would be up and running soon. Father also

mentioned that the parish council minutes would be run monthly in the church

bulliten and not read aloud at mass as previously discussed.

Finally, it was noted that the parish penance service would be March 27th from 6-

8 p.m. and that Father Mohan would be in Billings on April 1st and 2nd


The meeting was adjourned and Father Mohan led the group in prayer. The next

meeting will be Tuesday, April 9th, 2019.